The Mushroom Issue 2

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Issue two of "The Mushroom" zine. A biannual magazine for everyone - artists to herbalists, ecologists to engineers - interested in or inspired by fungi.

"Featuring - Thoughts on seasonality and Climate Change by Fred Gillam - Interviews with Giuliana Furci and Merlin Sheldrake - A breakdown of what’s in a mushroom ‘extract’ by Zhang Yi - Photographs of mushrooms from India’s last lowland rainforest by Sutirtha Lahiri - Mushroom music-making by Connor Glinski - Travels through China’s oldest mushroom cultivating regions with Martin Powell - Are mushrooms good for your pets, Atilla Fodi investigates - A fortifying TCM Mushroom Broth by Zoey Xinyi Gong - and of course, our biannual Research Round Up.."