Wandering Darkness, Gathering Joy

Haus Nostromo is a collection of various artists and their wares. It is an array of artifacts inspired by the Wunderkammer of old, a seller and celebrator of music, illustration, photography, books and curiosities. We have built this Haus as a place to support and collaborate with others under these eaves. Our intention is that Haus Nostromo offers not just a store but also a place where deeper connections may be forged. Where discoveries can be made and stories told. With every passing year, the way the world is heading, it feels to us more vital than ever to find a way to operate independently and ethically. To carve our own path through the mists. To go wandering through that darkness and gather in one space all of the joy we find along the way. Haus Nostromo is that place.



We are delighted to welcome øjeRum to the Haus Nostromo shelves. Presenting the exclusive 'Væv' T-shirt and 'The Moon, The Forest and The Deer' print from the 'Silent Figure With Landscape' series. Both available to preorder now.


Illustration & zines

Scales of destiny!

From winding serpents to terrifying reptiles. All are explored in the Lino prints of MANVFACTVS the tomes of Fiddlers Green and the offerings of Ayshe-Mira Yashin and WSDT. Meanwhile in the Haus Nostromo Journal Rachel Davies delves back into mythology and art in search of Ouroboros.

The Journal


A new collaboration documenting real and imagined journeys with words woven through visions in ink and colour. Fleeting moments where the world subsides, time merges and apparitions flicker. You can explore the first instalment ‘The Heide In Splendour’ in The Journal now.