The Library of Esoterica

Plant Magick

Exploring the historic roots of plants in myth and magical practises, from root to vibrant blossom. A rich, visual journey celebrating botanicals as creative muse.



England on fire

Weird Albion in all its gloom and glory! Images from the fabled shores and its dark traditions abound in this wonderful book on English art. A journey through a psychic landscape awaits.


Tarot & cards

the carnival at the end of the world

Dive into this this fantastical 84 card tarot deck full of the strange and surreal. A whole cast of creatures from another world await to guide the way.


Explore by realm

We invite you to explore our emporium in a new way. Now you can browse our wares through a selection of curated collections that take their inspiration from all corners of the Haus Nostromo world. Wander through the trees, delve deep into tales of folklore new and old or find solace in the stars above. These are new paths to follow, we hope they can lead you to some new places.

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