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The Book of Miracles

A mesmerizing reproduction of the German 16th-century manuscript of supernatural phenomena. Blending Bible stories, folklore, and apocalyptic visions in rich, luminous detail, this is a document of religious belief, mystery, foreboding, and visual imagination.


Haus Nostromo

Book Wyrm T-Shirts

Behold! Book Wyrm T-shirts are now in store! Our own design, inspired by the 1625 engraving of a dragon eating its own tail, comes to life. Goth summer is officially here.


Books & Zines

Mapping the Heavens

Look up at the stars in this beautiful book exploring the mystery of the sky at night. With examples ranging from the Stone Age to the Space Age, journey through ancient observatories, the angelic visions of Dante, the rationalized heavens of Isaac Newton and modern deep space technology.



We invite you to browse our wares through a selection of curated collections that take their inspiration from all corners of the Haus Nostromo world. Wander through the trees, delve deep into tales of folklore new and old or find solace in the stars above. These are new paths to follow, we hope they can lead you to some new places.

Haus Nostromo Playlist
The eleventh edition of our playlist series and the second of our seasonal selections and we're celebrating spring.
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Haus Nostromo Playlist
Love Will Tear Us Apart
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Presenting the ninth edition of our playlist series and we're feeling the cold.
Haus Nostromo Playlist
Part VIII: Cosmos
With the eighth edition of our playlist series we look beyond the firmament to the celestial beauty of the cosmos.
Haus Nostromo Playlist
A musical tribute to the mud, soil and peat that lies underfoot, that has both the power to support and the power to drag.
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"Book Wyrm" T-Shirt
"Book Wyrm" T-Shirt
"Book Wyrm" T-Shirt
"Book Wyrm" T-Shirt
"Book Wyrm" T-Shirt
"Book Wyrm" T-Shirt

"Book Wyrm" T-Shirt

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"Book Wyrm" design screen-printed on a black T-Shirt. 100% organic cotton.

To celebrate the third anniversary of Haus Nostromo, behold! the Book Wyrm!

The old engraving of a dragon is by Lucas Jennis and taken from De Lapide Philosophico (1625)

- Wyrm;
(mythology, fantasy) A huge limbless and wingless dragon or dragon-like creature.

- Bookworm;
1. a person who enjoys reading.
2. the larva of a wood-boring beetle which feeds on the paper and glue in books

Who We Are

Haus Nostromo is an online emporium and journal exploring nature, folklore and the occult founded in early Spring 2021 and run by Thomas and Rachel. We have been making music together for over ten years now in our band, Esben and the Witch. Over the years this experience has fostered a sense of intrigue for myth and mystery as well as providing us with a foundation for operating independently and self-sufficently.

In many ways, Haus Nostromo is a continuation of our work over the last decade, in other ways it is a journey into the unknown. We do everything ourselves, from curating the collection and running the store to packaging and sending every order.

The spirit of support and collaboration is important to us and we want Haus Nostromo to offer not just a store but a place where deeper connections may be forged. With every passing year, the way the world is heading, it feels more vital than ever to support fellow independent artists and find a way to operate ethically together. To carve our own path through the mists. To go wandering through that darkness and gather in one space all the joy we find along the way.

Haus Nostromo is that place.