The Moon

In the fourth installment in our series of playlists revolving around a theme, we pay homage to The Moon. Music inspired by our glowing satellite, the celestial body that greets each night, a beacon of light in the darkness.Here are ten tracks chosen by us, in awe of Luna herself


Black Letter Press

Visibilia Ex Invisibilibus Notebook

A beautiful cloth-bound notebook to jot dot all your musings. Be it a journal, a sketchbook or a receptacle for recipes, 160 pages await to be filled.


Tarot & Cards

Pagan Otherworlds

An exquisitely designed 84 card Tarot Deck, inspired by the spirit of nature, early Celtic mysticism and the luminous beauty of Renaissance painting. Your fortune awaits.


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We invite you to explore our emporium in a new way. Now you can browse our wares through a selection of curated collections that take their inspiration from all corners of the Haus Nostromo world. Wander through the trees, delve deep into tales of folklore new and old or find solace in the stars above. These are new paths to follow, we hope they can lead you to some new places.

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