About Us

Haus Nostromo is an online emporium and journal exploring nature, folklore and the occult founded and run by Thomas and Rachel. 
"We have been making music together for over ten years now in our band, Esben and the Witch. Over the years this experience has fostered a sense of intrigue for myth and mystery as well as providing us with a foundation for operating independently and self-sufficently. In many ways, Haus Nostromo is a continuation of our work over the last decade, in other ways it is a journey into the unknown. We do everything ourselves, from curating the collection and running the store to packaging and sending every order.

The spirit of support and collaboration is important to us and we want Haus Nostromo to offer not just a store but a place where deeper connections may be forged. With every passing year, the way the world is heading, it feels more vital than ever to find a way to operate ethically. To carve our own path through the mists. To go wandering through that darkness and gather in one space all the joy we find along the way. Haus Nostromo is that place."