Haus Nostromo Playlist I: Flora

Haus Nostromo Playlist I: Flora

Welcome to the first installment of a new series of articles in which we celebrate the common threads that weave through our store and community using the shimmering light of music as our guide. We are both ardent music lovers and sharers and always have been, indeed our friendship began because of it. We've played music together in our band for the last ten years. Together with our brother Daniel, writing albums, playing show after show, exploring the world together and spending countless hours in the back of a tour van has been a true pleasure. This idea emerged from the van playlists that we would make, that went on to become our short lived and antisocial DJ event "Crop Circles" that we described at the time as "Soundtracking the various stages of the apocalypse" and hosted for a 4 pack of beer and a chance to unwaveringly play the 20 minute songs that you never hear when you find yourself in a dive bar. It was often a quiet night but always a good night.
So if those endless drives through mountains and forests in the van, the scrawled CDs and carefully assembled playlists were the beginnings, then now, a few years further down the line we are rekindling that spirit in the hearth of the Haus.
Below you will find a playlist, curated by us around a rotating theme, the first of which shall be Flora. Ten tracks that take inspiration from the woodland realm and that celebrate the plant world, culminating in our own song "Sylvan" to complete the circle. A place where tendrils unfurl, roots are laid and all becomes entwined. Or as Diane Cluck puts it in "The Turnaround Road"...
There's a sticky orange vine here
And it grows over everything
I don't know what they call it
I call it 'Darling Creeper'
Thomas & Rachel

In Harmony With

An array from our emporium that draw inspiration from the same green havens. From the astral blooms of Saturnine to the Alpen darkness of Underjordiske and the tangled carapace of our own Forest Door T-Shirt.

Becoming The Forest - Una Hamilton Helle

Datura Stramonium Linocut Print - Silvatica

In my own head
Near the hole where hope drains out
And fear is branded deep
Amid the death of all things
Not under law or the thoughts I had before
Only in darkness
Does the flower take hold
It blooms at night
It blooms at night
In a valley filled with flowers unseen in the dark

Night Blooming Cereus - Protomartyr

Signs Of Change Art Print - Underjordiske

Saturnine - Theodora Allen

Throwing poison seeds into the wind
Make the poison tree to grow in me begin
Let your branches fork my veins
Let your honey tide in me
Blood loving, poison whispering
Oh, beautiful poison tree
Let your power grow in me
Let your sorrow pour in me
Take away my blood and bones
Make your flowers deep inside of me
Poison Tree - Grouper

Deadly Poppy Screen Printed Patch - Ikosidio

This Sadness Art Print - Subterranean Prints

There's patchouli, spanish blossom, frankincense, and rose
I'm lavender, lavender
There's cedarwood, champa, musk, and myrrh
I'm lavender, lavender
I was smolderlng then you breathed deep
May your soul be free now my smoke is sweet
Lavender Girl - Jarboe

The Secret Reeds Art Print - Rachel Anna Davies

Forest Door T-Shirt - Haus Nostromo

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