Earth Magick Tarot Deck and Altar Cloth
Earth Magick Tarot Deck and Altar Cloth
Earth Magick Tarot Deck and Altar Cloth
Earth Magick Tarot Deck and Altar Cloth
Earth Magick Tarot Deck and Altar Cloth
Earth Magick Tarot Deck and Altar Cloth

Earth Magick Tarot Deck and Altar Cloth

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Altar Cloth Colour
Earth Magick Tarot Deck together with Guide Book and Altar Cloth

Earth MagickHermetic Prophecies

•Created by Daniel Martin Diaz
•80 High Quality Linen Cards, Black Core 330gsm, Size 5″x3″
•Custom Tuckbox with Stamp Seal / First printing Fall of 2022
•2 AD Cards
•22 Major Arcana Cards
•56 Minor Arcana Cards
--Total of 80 Cards

Comes in a 100% Cotton Linen Bag. Black drawstring with custom design.

Earth Magick: Hermetic Prophecies is a 78-card tarot deck created by visionary artist Daniel Martin Diaz, which features interwoven themes of alchemy and mysticism. In this deck, he’s infused his recognizable style – that celebrates and explores science, philosophy, and symbolism – with hand-drawn illustrations of emblematic prophecies and illuminations meant to create a personalized tool for divining and foretelling. A perfect vehicle for reimagining tarot and divination, this deck honors the iconic decks of the past as Diaz puts his artistic stamp on a long-standing tradition of divining with mysterious, arcane imagery to understand our cosmic place within the universe.

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Earth Magick Altar Cloth: Black or Natural

24" x 24" / One-Sided Custom Embroidered design by DMD
Muslin Unbleached 100% Raw Cotton Fabric / 2 color design

Earth Magick Altar Cloth can be used for various purposes such as a decorative covering for an altar during religious ceremonies or rituals, a protective covering for altar surfaces, a tablecloth for game play or rituals, a hanging on wall for spirit protection, and as a surface to hold ceremonial objects during divination such as tarot and oracle readings.

The Earth Magick Altar Cloth is a powerful tool for tarot readings, featuring intricate embroidered symbols designed by DMD. These symbols include a sword with flames, a cup, a coin, a wand, and an all-seeing eye, which serve as powerful reminders of the guidance and wisdom that can be found through divination. The cloth is made from organic cotton muslin fabric, which connects the user to the energy of the earth and enhances the connection to the tarot deck. Use this altar cloth to deepen your tarot readings and tap into the wisdom of the earth's magic.

Please note: This is a one-sided design do to the process of embroidery. The back-side is not meant to be seen.


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