An Other Tarot

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Inclusive and contemporary, An Other Tarot updates the classic tarot deck: the twenty-two major arcana of the traditional version are reinterpreted freely, around new symbolism echoing the modern world, through an unusual format and a radical graphic style.

Beyond the divinatory and mystical use generally associated with it, the tarot is above all a tool of self-exploration. Each card represents an archetype that shapes our unconscious and guides our behavior: let's take a fresh look at what these figures mean today, how they inhabit our world and how we can embody them.

An Other Tarot is different both in terms of form and content: the traditional symbols are represented in a new light, freed from the gender stereotypes and obsolete figures of the classic deck. The booklet that comes with the cards links these symbols to current world issues, from an individual and collective point of view, in order to make tarot an open and useful practice for all.

The cards are printed in France on a large format of 10x15cm, using a hot foil stamping technique on traditional print machines. The thick sheets of paper, whose fibers are dyed blue at the time of their manufacture, are embossed with a metal tool specially made for each side, and heated in order to fix in the paper a metallic silver foil. This process offers a unique texture to each of the 22 cards of the game, at the opposite of modern industrial materials and printing techniques.