The Place of Remaking

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The Place of Remaking by Benjamin Tweddell
A Homage to Atlantean Kodex
Tall harmonica book. When unfolded, the booklet is close to 85 cm.
Printed on deluxe uncoated heavy paper of 190 gr.

"In the years that followed the Great War, the Kindred of the Kibbo Kift would gather upon the hills and in the forests of England. With banners unfurled they sought to greet the dawn, and rouse the old Gods from slumber. But the Gods slept on, and the Kift are vanished now. They were aflame for just a moment - theirs too was a fleeting brilliance. Thirty years later, three old friends meet in a quiet Sussex pub to share their memories. Middle aged, respectable, they seem indistinguishable from their fellow drinkers at the bar. But the failures of the Kindred haunt them still, the shadows of the past are gathering, and each man must face a pitch-black darkness which reaches out to grasp them."
A one of a kind artifact for anyone interested in folklore, folk-horror, fantastic literature, European myths and Atlantean Kodex.