The Sapphic Enchantress Tarot Deck - The Major Arcana

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Major Arcana Tarot Deck handmade by Ayshe-Mira Yashin. Please note this item comes wrapped in parchment paper and not in a small box as pictured. Comes with a handmade zine/guide. Please note that this item is handmade and as such the cards themselves are naturally somewhat irregular.

⍟ The Sapphic Enchantress Tarot Deck was made with the intention of creating a card system that could resonate with an audience especially consisting of people of marginalised genders and sexual orientations. The deck consists exclusively of women, as a deliberate expression of the intrinsic wholeness of women within themselves. This deck explores not only the love that can exist between women, but also the strength that exists in women themselves. ⍟

⍟ the cards are sepia, matt, and have a thickness of 350GSM. Please be kind to the cards and don’t expect perfection - they are all lovingly hand-cut at home! ⍟

⍟ all tarot decks come with a handmade zine detailing key meanings of each card (upright and reversed), analysis of tarot symbolism and imagery, and guidelines for how to read and use the cards.