Stardust Tarot

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Stardust Minimalist Tarot, inspired by space, the stars and the mysteries of the cosmos.

From Space Delirium: "With its minimalist look you will be able to reconnect to your higher self via the different designs on the cards. This gives you freedom and openness to your own interpretation.

The deck is a Rider-Waite tarot but with the suites (heart - diamonds - spades - clubs) like in the French tradition. It’s an homage to our grandmother who used to draw us cards when we were kids."

STARDUST minimalist Tarot is composed of :

79 cards
22 Major Arcana
56 Minor Arcana, 4 suits of 14 cards each (wands-diamonds, cups-hearts, swords-spades, pentacles-clubs)
1 French translation card
70 x 120 mm

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