The Boulder Prints x Haus Nostromo Small Print Set

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Haus Nostromo curated set of A6 prints from 'The Boulder Prints' by Sim Warren.

Set of six, printed on part-recycled Perlino Cotton paper (300gsm)

All photographs taken by Sim Warren on his travels in the bouldering world and beyond.

"Moss is taken from Fontainebleau France. The Waterfall is Yellowstone National park (lower falls.) The abstract mountain range is taken in The Peak District national park and is actually a macro detail of a climbing hand hold from a Boulder route I’ve been working for sometime. The piece of rock in the frame is actually around 10inches in size. The abstract back lit scene I call ‘The Rim’, taken late evening in the forest of Fontainebleau. And then mist in the trees is also from the Peak District national park, I named it ‘Breathe’."