"Strength" Screen Printed Patch

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Screen printed patch "Strength"

“Strength” or “Fortitude” is one of the 22 Tarot cards that the Major Arcana consist of. Apart from (inner) strength per se, this card stands for courage and also for compassion. It tells us to control our passions and our sometimes raw feelings with the means of love and understanding. Just like the hand is coming down from an above sphere to calm and eventually tame the ferocious lion, we as humans, capable of controlling our feelings and thoughts through our divine reason or as Freud would call it – our “Uber-Ich”/”super-ego” – need to keep our passions at bay to be able to make the right decisions and live a fulfilling life. Both the symbol for eternity on the hand, as well as the sun and the moon denote infinite wisdom and the potential to master all struggles if we remain calm and loving even when facing big struggles.

ca. 22 x 14 cm. This patch is designed and printed by Ikosidio in thier small home studio using white water based screen printing ink on black sturdy canvas.

IMPORTANT INFO: After they're sewn on the patches are machine-washable at 40°C. To avoid fraying please make sure to fold the edge inward with an iron prior to sewing it on and use stitches that go around the edge (like buttonhole stitches) rather than stitching parallel to the edge.