Werifesteria Issue 1

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The first edition of 'Werifesteria’ (meaning: “to wander longingly through the forest in search of mystery”) from Nona Limmen.

"A zine dedicated to the magic of the wilderness & lost our sense of connection with nature. A hymn to the grandeur and mystery of our forgotten forests. It contains 40 full colour photos that were taken over the last six months on trips to different forests over the world, peppered with snippets of text

"The purpose of these zines is not to be a finished or complete project. Moreover, the intention is to merely make them as a running visual diary, each issue having its own theme. No pixels on a screen, but something you can hold and hopefully treasure or hopefully gift/pass along to others."

- A5 sized
- 40 pages
- 30 g/m² silk paper
- Semi finish gloss